Nobody Expected This to Happen When Pet Store Secretly Replaced All Its Animals With Rescues

What is the difference between a purebred and a hybrid?

Ask most people who want to own a dog or those who have a dog and they will have similar answers. Almost everyone interested in dog or with the slightest idea about dogs knows the difference. But ask them about their preference and you will hear a different story. People have different perceptions about what a purebred or a hybrid would turn out to be. Not many have rational explanations for their preferences. They just have a preference.
It is absolutely fair to have a preference. Everyone has the right to have one. Similarly, everyone has the right to choose between a purebred or hybrid born & raised in captivity and one that has been rescued or has been put up for adoption. Strangely, first time pet owners often choose against adoption. Even those who have one or more dogs are likely to avoid adoption and may go for pet stores selling puppies born and raised in captivity. It is true that some people will find it difficult to deal with grownup dogs and prefer pups since they can learn as the pup grows up and also train the pup as they want. But that is not the real issue here.
The issue is many people want a clean slate. Not everyone is interested in dealing with a rescued dog that does have a history and perhaps a discomforting one.

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