This Dog Was Chained And Only Used For Breeding Can Finally Relax After Being Rescued

As the owner of a pit mix, I know that I am the owner of one of the most abused and misunderstood dog breeds in the world.

Between the puppy mills and the dog fights, pit bulls have to put up with so much in this world of ours. Worse yet, they also have to deal with the reputation that they are somehow more aggressive and/or dangerous than other breeds. Being an owner of one of these dogs will of course lead you to realize that this mindset is ludicrous. Research will also make it pretty clear to you that pit bulls are in fact one of the kindest and sweetest breeds to be found anywhere.

Recently, I came across a story that made me think of all of this. The story of Dory is one that I can relate to in a very profound way. I think that when you learn more about this story, you are going to feel the same way I do about things.

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Dory’s Remarkable Story
For a long time, Dory’s story was one of intense tragedy. For the bulk of her unfortunate life, she was kept on an extremely short chain. Worse yet, she was primarily used for breeding. It is estimated that Dory was forced to breed on a number of occasions.

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