You Will Not Believe What These Dogs are Able To Do For War Soldiers

War forever changes a man- a man who sees it, a man who fights in it, a man who lives through it.

When soldier’s return from war, they carry the burden of everything that they have seen- it leaves a mark on them forever. Often times they suffer from PTSD, nightmares, flashbacks, blindness, injury, and even mental, emotional, or physical damage.

They watch their best friends be wounded, innocent children be hurt or killed, villages and homes be destroyed, and the list goes on. They can never un-see the violent, graphic moments they witness, and unfortunately many of them have no choice but to bring those memories and images home with them.war-dogs

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Think about a time in your life that you have experienced tragedy and think about who was there for. Was there anyone? Was there anyone who came alongside you who could understand exactly what you were going through and knew exactly what you needed? If you were one of the few who are lucky enough to have someone to lean on in a time of tragedy, consider yourself lucky, because that is not the case for everyone.

Now think about who is there for our for soldiers who have returned home. Who can possibly understand what they have been through or the trauma they have experienced? They fight for our freedom, but who fights for them?

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