The Pit Bull Nobody Wanted And the Nuns That Gave Her a Home

All across the country, there are dogs that no one wants. It may be because they are old.

Some dogs are a breed that is misunderstood.  The Pit Bull is one such breed.
People say they are vicious, they attack children and other dogs, and their jaws lock. They are not allowed in some counties and communities. Pit Bulls are on the list of dangerous dogs that home owner’s insurance does not like to cover.
The American Pit Bull Terrier and many other dogs that have the same appearance- large head, stocky, muscular build, and strong jaws- has been given a bad reputation.
This type of dog is, unfortunately, often used in the illegal practice of dog fighting.
A Pit Bull is not a mean, aggressive dog by nature. Their jaws do not lock. They are no more likely to attack children and other dogs than any other breed unless they are trained that way.
Due to the misconception that all Pit Bulls are dangerous, there is a disproportionate number of them languishing in animal shelters. Many are eventually euthanized.

Remy had two strikes against her. She is a Pit Bull. She is also nine years old.

Things didn’t look good for Remy until the day that she was discovered by three nuns.
The nuns had just lost their beloved dog the week before. Their mission was to find a dog that needed them. A dog that no one else wanted. A dog like Remy.
The sisters fell in love with Remy on the spot.
Remy is far from vicious. She is sweet, loving, gentle, and craves affection. She is especially fond of Sister Virginia. Sister Virginia walks with a cane. Remy is cautious around her and loves to curl up with her once she is seated.
The shelter that has housed Remy was touched by the connection between the sisters and Remy, and by their kind act of adopting a dog that might not have found a home otherwise. They appreciated the gesture so much that they waived all adoption fees and happily sent Remy to her forever home.
Three elderly nuns found something in a dog that other people had looked over.
Remy found a loving home and the three nuns found a loving dog to share their lives with.

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