Have You Seen Labrador Retrievers In Cheetah Exhibit?



Jack Hana, Director of the Columbus Zoo, discusses in the interview the life saving relationship between dogs and cats. He discourses that in Africa, there is a very large dog known as the Anatolian Shepherd. African farmers are raising and training these Anatolian Shepherds to scare Cheetahs away from their crops, sheep, goats, other livestock, and most importantly, their families. They choose to train their Anatolian Shepherds to scare away the Cheetah’s instead of trapping or killing them, which in turn is saving the Cheetah’s from extinction. These Shepherd dogs are provided through the Cheetah conservation fund, as well as through supporters like the Columbus Zoo. Thanks to this project, Cheetah’s are protected, these Shepherd dogs receive a home and a purpose, and African Farmers are able to take part in the preservation of the wildlife around them without being scared for their herds, crops, or lives. That is a big deal and is a positive reinforcement for the sanctity of life.


So, if you visit the Zoo with your family this summer and happen to notice the Yellow Labrador Retrievers in the same display as the Cheetah’s, you’ll know what a beautiful and important relationship the two truly have and you will be able to remember that somewhere in the world there is an Anatolian Shepherd working hard to conserve the existence of the mysterious and glorious Cheetah.

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