Somebody Very Cruel And Insensitive, Abandoned These Three Guys On An Empty Parking Lot. What Happens Next Is Incredible!

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Three Sweet Little Chihuahua’s Who Are Alone, Scared, Dirty, Hungry, Abandoned, and Barely Alive Huddle Together in The Corner of An Empty Parking Lot to Try and Survive.

They are protective of one another and are cautious towards anyone who approaches them. Their owner abandoned them with no food, water, or explanation. Survival was completely up to them. Time passed and slowly, the animals began to get worse. They lacked the sustenance they needed to thrive and were fading fast. These three little pups were in need of a hero- someone to rescue them.

Cue, Hope for Paws, a dog rescue organization devoted to the rescue of stray and abandoned animals. The chihuahua’s, (one male and two females), were quite wary of the man who stepped out of the Hope for Paws truck- they had no idea he wanted to help them because they had never known a day of love in all of their lives. The man offers them a treat to try and buy their confidence in him- to earn their trust. At first, the three dogs are scared to approach the man with the treats, but eventually, the male approaches to test the waters. Once seeing it is safe, the larger of the two females approaches next encouraging the smaller female to approach, as well.
three dogs dropped at parking lot

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.