Somebody Very Cruel And Insensitive, Abandoned These Three Guys On An Empty Parking Lot. What Happens Next Is Incredible!

Once the man has earned the trust of these sweet chihuahua’s he got to work on trying to capture them so he could take them to the rescue. Getting all three together in the crate was tricky, so he finally settled for capturing the two females in the crate together and decided to catch the male by hand. It took a bit of time, but finally, the male allowed the man to rescue him. Once all three dogs were safely in their transportation crate, the man loaded them into his vehicle to take them away from the streets and the feeling of being unloved forever.

Once safely at the rescue, Penny, Brooklyn, and Marty were given baths, a fresh meal, and lots of belly rubs. The three learned what love really feels like for quite possibly the very first time in their lives. They were given every luxury. However, with deep sadness, Hope for Paws announced that just four days after their arrival at the rescue, Penny passed away from heart failure. They are more than thankful that they were able to give her the love and attention that she most desperately deserved in the last days of her life.

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Brooklyn and Marty continued to grow in health and stability and eventually went on to a temporary foster home until they could be adopted out. Each they were there was filled with plenty of food, a warm and safe place to sleep, and the someone to pet them to their heart’s content. The shelter did everything possible to arrange for them to be adopted together so that the two of them would have one another as comfort forever.

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