Nobody Wanted This Poor Dog…And Then This Happened…

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It’s Incredibly Heartbreaking To See a Dog on the Street With No Family, No home, and No Real Future in Front Of Him

One dog rescued in India began his story by being pulled out of the gutter by a kind stranger. Animal Aid Unlimited was alerted after they heard that the recently rescued dog was stuck, paralyzed in the street.

A Paralyzed Puppy
Though recently rescued, this puppy just couldn’t pull himself away from where he was. Along with his depressed and crushed spirit, his leg was wounded so badly that he could not walk. When rescuers got to the dog, they knew there was work to be done. They warmed up the dog with a blanket until it was safe to carry him away for treatment.

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After a little bit of water, food and time to heal, the puppy began to walk again, and eventually run. So many dogs have a similar story to this one. All it takes is some attentive volunteers and people that are willing to lend a hand. Watch the video to check out a detailed depiction of this dog’s road to recovery.

Healed with A Helping Hand
Taking a dog from his life as an immobilized stray requires a lot of patience, care, and time. Watching the video at the beginning is quite painful as we see the dog in a mangled, mangy condition, being passed over by people that don’t stop to care for him.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.