Cute Dog Declines A Walk And Throws The Funniest Temper Tantrum To Get What He Wants


Would you give in if this cute dog throws a fit just to try and stay in the tub?

I remember the first time I got to bathe my dogs and to say it’s an experience to remember would be an understatement. All the whining, crying, and even scratching broke my heart, but what can I do? Some dogs just love bath and can play all day in the water, while some simply don’t. And I happen to have had one of those few who really hates baths.

For some dogs, just the sound of bath time is their cue that it’s now time to sulk into a corner and try to hide away from their owners. Mine literally scrambles up to his feet to run in the opposite direction of the bathroom. Although a little rascal, I loved every bit of him.

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We know of dogs who hates baths – they would make all kinds of fuss, hide from their owners or even whine and cry just to avoid the dreaded bath, but not for this big guy.

This is the story of Zeus, the Siberian Husky Who loves baths.

Zeus is a sweet Siberian Husky with an obvious love for baths. He knows it already time for a walk with his owner and another dog which a German Shepherd, but would rather stay in the bathtub a little bit longer. This is a usual occurrence in their lovely home.

He turns to drastic measures to try and get his mom to change her mind by throwing the cutest temper tantrum anyone may have seen.

His owner tried to persuade him into leaving the bath and go for the scheduled walk, but his stubborn nature ruled for at least a few moments. He eventually threw a fit – he whines, howls, hollers and stand on his ground every time his mom asks him to go out of the tub. It was clearly not bathtime, so his owner refused to turn the water on.

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