Surprisingly Easy Tricks To End A Dogfight Fast! Amazing!

What’s the Smartest and Safest Way to break a dogfight?

Ever seen a dogfight before? It’s an intense situation where two or more dogs are involved. It’s not a nice view nor an easy thing to break.

Dogs who are currently in a fight tends to be aggressive not only to their opponent but can also hurt anyone who gets in their way. 

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So what can you do to break up the fight the safe and smart way?

First things first. If the dogs are yours, it’s is your responsibility to make sure the safety of your pets is always prioritized. How do we do this? If there’s a new dog in the house, let them familiarize their new environment. Afterwards, make sure to introduce the other dogs and let them be accustomed to each other’s presence before letting the new one of its kennel or leash unattended.

If, in case the dog is not yours, you won’t have the opportunity to introduce the dogs. For example, you’re out walking your dog with its leash secured around the neck and another dog comes and starts a fight. The first thing that comes into your dog’s mind would not be to retaliate but to defend itself.

Read body language.

By reading the dogs’ body language, you’ll get to know which one is more aggressive than the other.

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