That Is Why Dogs Never Die…

Do Our Dogs Ever Truly Die?

If you are reading this, then I’m willing to bet that you know what it’s like when a beloved pet dies. I’ve had to go through the experience a few times in my life. I don’t think there has ever been a time in my life in which I’m truly okay with that. Of course, I can get on with my life. Of course, I think about the good things that came out of the time we had together. I consider the multitude of ways in which that dog or other pet enriched my life, and I go on to other things in my life.

But in the back of my mind, I continue to grieve. Don’t you?

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And if you have never experienced the loss of a pet, then I’m sorry for what you are going to have to go through. For what it’s worth, this recent story I found might help. If you are anything like me, this story is going to change the way you look at your relationship with your pets forever. money-can-buy-you-dog

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