The Curious Case Of A Dog With Asian Ladybugs Stuck On The Roof Of Its Mouth

Is this photo that went viral true, or fake?

Some dogs have many odd behaviors – one of which is chasing after little bugs and eating them. While it may seem hilarious to watch your dog chase after the little critters, there are some insects you would have to watch for – the Asian Ladybug.

Before you make assumptions about the Native American ladybugs, they are not the culprit here. What dog owners need to watch out for an Asian Lady Bugs. These multi-colored ladybugs vary in color, have black markings in the middle of the beetle’s head and can 0-19 spots.

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But how can these little bugs harm your dog? Dogs are drawn to Asian Lady Bugs because of their strong repellent odor and foul taste. Somehow, dogs will attempt to eat more of them. When dogs try to eat them, they usually flush them with water in an attempt to swallow them to get rid of the taste. If successful, only minimal damage can happen.

However, there are times when dogs fail to swallow them because of the little bug’s rounded hard back. Also, when these Asian Ladybugs die, their bodies will secrete a gooey liquid which causes them to stick to the roof of a dog’s mouth.

When this happens, chemical burns will occur. The good news is, this happens very rarely and can be treated with medication as long as the Asian Ladybugs were removed from the roof of your dog’s mouth.

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