What Happens When a Sneaky Chihuahua, 2 Big Dogs and 3 Sausages Are Mixed In? Find Out For Yourself!


Someone needs to teach this dainty puppy a lesson in sharing!

Anyone who has siblings would know how it’s like to “have to share” with just about everything, especially when it comes to food. But this little guy needs to take up Sharing 101 as soon as possible.

One can only assume that these trios share a bond like no other. Considering stealing food is not to be taken lightly by canines, or any animal or human for that matter, these two bigger dogs were not aggressive over their younger family member.

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The Sneaky Chihuahua’s little adventure

The owner, I presume is out with her 3 pet dogs – 2 bigger dogs and a dainty and seemingly innocent Chihuahua.

The owner proceeds to give each dog a sausage, place right in front of each dog. They patiently wait for the woman’s go signal.

You can see on the video that while the two bigger dogs have their eyes on their owner, the little dog can’t get his eyes off the sausage – not just his sausage, but the other dog’s sausage as well. You can literally see the Chihuahua plan his way to acquire all sausages at once.

It seems this little guy is a fast-thinker and has already made up his mind. He will attack – or should I say sprint to steal his brothers’ yummy sausages, once the go signal is out.

Once the word “Okay” slips out of the woman’s mouth, he jumps at the opportunity to grab all three sausages. He even drops the last one but that didn’t stop him from grabbing it again and ran away.

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