This Lab Is So Cool You Will Want To Find Out How He Does All Of That…

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Very cute Labrador Retriever does a whole bunch of cool tricks.

Especially impressive, is when she recognizes objects and when she is putting toys away that she finished playing with. This beautiful Yellow Lab knows how to impress. If you ever had a dog that could do a bunch of different tricks and you spent a lot of time training him and finally she is doing what you taught her, that is probably how this Lab’s owner feels and that is why this cool video was born. Like all Labs this Lab is very sweet besides everything else, she is trying to please and it shows. This cutie is trying to be a good girl. And she was trained to do a lot. If you need to turn the lights of, yep, she can do it. And if you feel down and need a hug she can do that to…that was probably the easiest thing that you can teach yellow Lab 🙂
Rolling on the floor…
Putting things away…yellow-lab-dog-tricks3

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.