Broken-Hearted Dog Surrendered To Shelter And His Video Will Break Yours Too

After less than a week, the good news was out. Hunter was ready to be adopted and has found a forever home! Larry and David came in with their dog Dolly, a Border Collie Mix like Hunter to take him back home. The two dogs instantly clicked and both Larry and David knew it was meant to be. Hunter, even after the storm saw the rainbow at the end of it. He is so blessed to find another home that would hopefully last forever.

There are many broken-hearted dogs surrendered daily in shelters by owners who can no longer afford to care for them for numerous reasons. Whatever answers the question why the hearts of these poor souls will always break.

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Pet owners and those who want to own pets should learn that animals are not replaceable things you just kick out of your home when you no longer want them. Pets are part of the family, and should never be taken for granted. They too have feelings and deserves only love and care. When will we ever learn how to truly love anyone more than ourselves?

Watch the video below of Hunter’s new family!

Source: Houston Humane Society 

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