Some Call These Dogs Guilty I Just Call Them Adorable And Cute!

The Guilty Look of the Dogs: Understanding Dog Behavior

During a normal day after all your office work is done, your dog will cheerfully greet you once you arrive at your home. He will be too excited with full of jumping, wagging, and charming greetings. You will react to this by acting goofy and sending the dog with lots of love. Your dog is highly aware about this scenario thus to receive a bunch of love he does his best to behave in a normal way.
But what happens during the day that you pet gets a little bored and decided to chew on your personal stuff? Your initial reaction would be to let out a different tone of voice which is followed by a long lecture. Your dog is highly aware of this difference that is why they exhibit that “guilty” look.
Understanding the Guilty Look
The action that you are exhibiting when you found out that your pet has been a very naughty dog is a mean to warn your dog about his action. You are no longer on your cheerful self, and you are not giving him the love that you usually do on a normal day. One perfect example would be the collection of the guiltiest dog on YouTube. Their normal reaction towards you would be to drop their tail and ears and create that whale eyes. This language of the dog is a way to tell you that he is threatened and confused about your action. With this action, he is hoping not to worsen the conflict and calm you. In return, we thought that our pets are feeling ashamed about their naughty actions.
In reality, there is really no way to tell you whether your dog is really feeling guilty about the things that he did. Your dog will not basically understand the value of the trash on the floor and the time and effort you exert in cleaning the garbage. It would be practically impossible for a dog to understand your investment about the upholstery on the sofa or the expensive flooring. So assuming that your dog is feeling guilty is a way overboard.

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