This Dog Was Put Up For Adoption What Happens 30 Minutes Later Is Unbelievably Amazing

Mojave was cold, hungry, clueless and helpless when officers from animal control arrived at the scene eight days later. They rescued the pit bull and conducted a thorough health checkup. Fortunately, Mojave was in good health. There was no medical condition and other than being a little shaken due to the incident there was nothing to worry.
When Mojave was taken up on by the KC Pet Project and put up for adoption, it took barely half an hour for the whole process to be over. Mojave was all wags when put up for adoption as if nothing had really happened. A sweet couple grew fond of Mojave almost immediately and chose to take the pittie home where they already have another dog. Perhaps it was fate that got Mojave a family that loves dogs and there is another in that home to play with. But such a fate may not be for all Mojaves who are abandoned.
The original owner who abandoned Mojave has been traced using the license plate of the car. He is charged with abandoning an animal, not having a pit bull neutered and not having a proper pet license.

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