Family Abandons their Pregnant Dog Chained in the Backyard Now Find Out What Happened To This Poor Pooch

For the pregnant dog in Ohio, named Harley, intervention came in the form of the neighbor. The kind neighbor was aware that the family Harley was staying with had been evicted. But she was not aware that Harley was shackled in the backyard wearing a choke chain. The neighbor provided refuge to Harley. She made an enclosure, provided heat as the pregnancy reached its final days and eventually Harley was the mother of eight puppies. The neighbor ensured enough blankets to keep Harley and her pups warm.
The neighbor has done what she could and she cannot keep Harley or the pups. They need a home, hopefully, a better family than the one that left him behind. The Backyard Dog Project is live on Facebook and there is a website where people can adopt the pups and Harley. They need a home where they can live with dignity and care, where they wouldn’t be chained in the backyard for no reason and certainly wouldn’t be abandoned. If abandoning was bad enough, how could some people abandon a pregnant, chained dog ? It is a definite precursor to death. How could the dog even get water, let alone food, protection from predators?

Beautiful story via IHeartDogs and Backyard project

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