Golden Retriever Puppy That Can Make You Fall In Love With Him Instantly

Calvin’s First Bath: Remember when Your Golden Retriever Bathed for the first time?

Calvin, the 9 week old Golden Retriever puppy had his first bathe in this video. Knowing how excited and overwhelmed puppies this age can get when they have a bath, Calvin is pretty chilled out about it. We can see Lohanthony – his owner – is also having a pretty relaxed time giving this bathe. Owners with those hyper little babies know the bathe time is never a time to relax in most cases. So this duo is actually lucky to have each other. Apparently Lohanthony’s mom has “deceived” him by saying he cannot have a puppy for all these years since she is “allergic” to them, but she has not shown any sort of allergic reactions to this fur baby. What mom has done is a little sneaky trick not to bother about having a dog around the house. Bad move, mom! Dogs bring joy to wherever they come by default. It is a fact.
Lohanthony uses a tiny cup like the one you use to bathe new-born babies to give a bathe to his new friend. He looks a little unpracticed and slightly even awkward doing that, well you two have a lot to learn about each other. Once you get the hang of it, the bath time with dogs is always a great way to bond with fur friend, and to get to know each other well.
The way dogs respond to the bath time differs from one dog to another. It does not entirely depend on the breed, but rather with the personality of the dog. Calvin here is not too excited or bothered especially about it, merely having a good time. Good boy!

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