Poor Dog Left Outside In The Freezing Weather. What Happens After His Pictures Go Viral…Is Unbelievable!

Around forty minutes passed and Denver police updated on social media that animal control has been advised of the dog being outside, the breed identified as husky and that the address has been shared with the relevant officers. The same update from the police mentioned that the animal control has found out there is a shelter available for the dog but it chooses to be outside. They referred to the breed of husky to the reason why the dog chooses to stay outside.
The tweets did not stop thereon as someone living in the area tweeted another picture which stated the dog house is upside down and hence it cannot really be a shelter. The Denver Animal Control physically checked out the address and found the owners. They convinced the dog’s owners to allow the husky to go inside.
It is unclear if the owners were refusing to let the dog inside as the animal control officers had to do some convincing. 7News later stated that pet owners can be fined up to $1000 or a year of imprisonment if they neglect animals or engage in animal cruelty, which is what not providing shelter in freezing temperature amounts to.

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