This Labrador Puppy Is So Cute That You Will Want To Play With Him And Take Him Home

His Name Is Luke and He Is A Yellow Lab Puppy

He is full of energy and playfulness. He is an extremely adorable puppy, but he is unbelievable when he is playing with his favorite ball. He is jumping on it and chasing it around trying to grab it, but instead of grabbing he is pushing the ball further away from himself and this is a repetitive process and it looks extremely adorable. Luke is a yellow labrador retriever puppy and when he is running around with his little tail wagging from side to side he is so lovable that you will fall for him and will become one of his many fans. He jumps on the ball like a little kitten and then falls down, gets up and continues to chase the ball that “ran” away.
yellow labrador puppy ball   yellow labrador puppy ball

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