Would you believe if this guy made his dead cat into a working drone? Read the story here!


How would you feel about a device made from a real cat?

Horrified is not the accurate term for what I felt upon seeing the video of a dead cat turned to a flying cat drone. I don’t even know what to think the moment I saw the footage and is now stuck in my mind. We all have our unique way of mourning over the loss of a loved one, but using your dead cat to build a drone as a way of remembering its memories? I really have no words.

The Story of Orville, the Cat

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Bart Jensen was an artist who happened to be Orville’s owner. After the cat’s passing, Jensen rose to fame when he did something no one has ever done before – he repurposed his cat’s body into a taxidermied drone.

Taxidermy is the way of preserving a dead animal’s body for study and display purposes. Jensen clearly has other things in mind. He stored Orville’s body in a freezer for months, trying to find someone – an engineer who is willing to build a drone out of his deceased cat’s body.

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