CONFESSION: “Why I’d never adopt a shelter dog again…”

Dogs are like kids. And no matter if you buy your dog or adopt one he will demand a lot of commitment.

You have to take care of your pet dog, love him, take him to the vet on a regular basis and a lot more. Almost like taking care of a child, and that is why a lot of people compare getting a dog to having a kid. You have to do all those things when you have a baby. And of course you love your dog and get emotionally attached to him and you miss him when you are not around and of course, the dog misses and loves you.

The recent article by Erin Auerbach who writes for Washington Post was named “Why I’d never adopt a shelter dog again”, in which she talks about adopting dogs throughout her life and the issues that she has experienced with her pets and why her current dog is not from a shelter, even though it was a 2-year-old puppy who needed a home.

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