A Group Of Rescuers Were In For A Big Surprise When They Save A Pregnant Dog From A Euthanasia List

Morning came and they were in for the biggest surprise – Gracie was feeding her litter of 12 adorable puppies! At first, they were flabbergasted – she showed no signs of labor the previous night, but when they arrived, it seemed she just finished delivering her babies. Only 6 were cleaned out while the rest were still dirty and wet

Dr. Matt checked each and every one of her pups and proceeded to examine the new mother dog. She seemed to be tired from all the pushing, cleaning and feeding of her pups, but other than that, she’s doing great.

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The next day, Gracie was cleaned – she received a bath to wash away all of yesterday’s grime and dirt, and is once again a happy and tidy dog. She was doing great and was doing whatever it needs to do to ensure all of her pups are well-fed.

They kept tabs on the beautiful family of dogs, and Gracie had a total of 12 adorable puppies – 5 female and 7 male pups. 13 days later, two of the pups, however, started having a fluid-filled mass on their neck, and one has a larger one than the other. Their swellings seem to be excess Neutrophils, and they saw pus inside after extracting samples from the swelling. Dr. Matt consulted with other vets and now has an idea of what could have caused the swelling. The two were treated and eventually healed up nicely.

Six weeks later, the two pups who used to have swelling on their neck filled with pus were all healed up. Gracie and all of her pups were doing very well. All are healthy, eating good and have healthy weights. Gracie’s eye problem seemed to go away on its own, and there’s nothing much needed to do. She can see well, is not bothered by her eye, very little discharge is only present and was pretty much a happy and active dog.

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