A Group Of Rescuers Were In For A Big Surprise When They Save A Pregnant Dog From A Euthanasia List

Half of the pups were already signed up for adoption and ready to be picked up by their new forever home. A good client at Vet Ranch actually adopted Gracie and one of her pups. Now Gracie gets to not only live with a family who loves her, she also gets to spend her time with at least one of her pups. As for the rest of the pups, they were lifted and flew to a no-kill animal rescue group where they will wait for someone to adopt them.

All is well and ended well for Gracie, and for that, I was again in tears. Imagine how it would have felt like if someone puts you on a Euthanasia list because you’re about to pop out a litter of baby dogs soon? I mean that should be enough reasons to save her life? But the sad things is this is a reality of some pounds. 

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If there are pounds and shelters who kill animals to give way to others, or who needs to kill some of to manage the population of dogs under their care. I have no words to exactly describe how i9 felt about that. Everything deserves to be loved, even the sorry excuse of some human, and most especially animals like man’s best friend.

Gracie was one lucky dog, and everyone now knows that. However, Rosie is just one of the many animals waiting on their death row and was actually saved by kind-hearted people who want to give them a second chance. For me, everyone deserves a chance at life – to live, love and feel loved. When will such practices stop? And how can we help? Let us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Watch the amazing video of Rosie’s little adventure below!

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