Dog Was Thrown Out Of A Pickup Truck Like A Trash, Now She Can’t Contain Her Gratitude

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Strange people do unbelievable things.

It is not just animals. Some people treat other humans in quaint ways that a vast majority would not even imagine in their worst nightmares or when they are most vengeful. Cruelty to animals is easy, especially dogs. The little puppies and even adult dogs don’t fight back. They are helpless. They are also unsuspecting in most cases and don’t really segregate good and bad people.
To the horror of pedestrians and commuters in Anderson County, South Carolina, a dog was thrown out of a pickup truck, just as you would toss out some trash. Since it happened in broad daylight and there were people around, the animal control officers were called in immediately. The officers responded promptly and rescued the dog, later named Callie.
Callie was clearly suffering and uncomfortable in her own skin. She started curling up, she would shake continuously and not even look at the people around her. She would stay away from human contact or any kind of interactions. She was not sure what is expected of her and what to expect from others. Clearly, she had been subjected to some horrors that one cannot guess. Nothing is known about Callie’s past. The pickup truck she had been thrown out of has not been traced and no one really knows her or her whereabouts prior to being thrown out of the truck.
Image Credit / Source: Animal Rescue Site / Boxers, Butts & Other Mutts

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.