Overweight Dog Stunned Local Shelter But Found Happiness Thanks To A Miracle

The number of obese dogs is on the rise in the US. We often hear stories about an overweight dog struggling because the heavy weight was dragging them down. Sadly, obesity among dogs is a problem that is no longer uncommon nowadays.

A dog’s nutrition and health is one of the top priorities of owners. However, due to many reasons, we often give in to those puppy-eyed canines when it comes to food. You may not even realize it, but you could very well be feeding your buddy more treats than necessary.

I came across a story which was about a severely overweight dog surrendered to a shelter. The dog’s name was Miss Butterworth.

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Source: Asheville Humane Society

Miss Butterworth’s owner sadly passed away, leaving the obese dog homeless. When the Corgi-Chihuahua Mix arrived at the Shelter of the Asheville Humane Society, to say the members were stunned was an understatement.

Miss Butterworth was a morbidly overweight dog. She weighs 20 pounds which were two times heavier than normal. In order to live a healthy life, she needs to shed half of her excess weight. It wasn’t an easy task, but everyone was determined to keep her weight at bay.

So, Miss Butterworth came to Sharon and Barry’s home. They already have lots of experience when it comes to fostering and were determined to help the overweight dog achieve a healthier weight.

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