Awesome Dog Can Do What…? No [email protected]#!

Yes, This Dog Really Can Do So Much That You Will Be Amazed…

And, no, he already has a home…for those of you who wants to adopt him. 🙂 (but there is a waiting list so if you want to be notified of an opening, as well as other updates that we send to our subscribers, please join our mailing list by clicking subscribe button and as soon as we hear that he is up for adoption, we will let you know 🙂  ) The dog can clean, take out trash, make breakfast and many more other things. When you have a dog like this the need for wife, as the title of the video goes, disappears. As funny as it sounds, after you watch this video you will understand exactly why it is so. The dog is amazing and the video is super funny and cute.
Dusting is in his DNA
Vacuuming relaxes him!
He is very courteous and opens doors for his owner!

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