Kids Rescued Five Abandoned Pups, But Failed To Realize One Important Detail…

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It was a tough situation for the female rescuers. They had to take the mother dog out while carrying her babies in the tent. She eventually calmed down a bit, letting her rescuers from Hope For Paws pet her. Once reunited with her cute little puppies, she relaxed and finally ate what food they brought for her. Also, her pups started to drink from her.

She has been alone and homeless for who knows how long, we can only imagine how thirsty and starved she was. Hope For Paws rescuers named the mother dog Navalina and her pups Valencia, Bergamot, Ponderosa, Satsuma, Mandarin and Clementine. Do the names sound familiar? They were named after citruses as the place where they were found used to be a citrus grove. Cute, right? We do think so!’

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They loaded the dogs up to the rescue vehicle and had all dogs checked for the first time. The cute pups were crawling all over the place. Just three weeks after they were rescued, you can clearly see all dogs are happy and healthy. The pups have started growing as fuzzy little doggies and looked adorable with their mom.

It’s not clear as to why this poor mother dog and her puppies are out by themselves. Did the mother dog get lost? Is there someone out there, worried and looking for her, hoping to get her back home safe? Was she left alone in the streets to fend for herself? Were she and her puppies abandoned by her owners?

I have many questions, but one thing is for sure. She was, along with her puppies, are stray dogs. They are alone, cold, thirsty and hungry, with no one to take care of them and no place to call as their home.

What is happening in the world nowadays? Whatever happened to dogs being the one friend man can always count on and vice versa? What are we doing to our supposed to be man’s best friend? Why is it that many dogs are neglected, abandoned and left as stray pets? Why are some people doing this?

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.