Kids Rescued Five Abandoned Pups, But Failed To Realize One Important Detail…

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So many questions left unanswered, but what do dogs do? Rescue dogs turn out to be the perfect pets for their foster homes. They are more like to be the best companion and can be a great therapy dog with proper training. Why? Because they already knew and felt firsthand how it was to have no one. No one to cuddle with, no one to play with, no one to turn to, no nothing.

We may have lots of groups of people and organizations who are dedicated in rescuing animals, most especially pets out there, ready to help, but if people won’t stop treating dogs indifferently, stray dogs will always be a problem. They don’t deserve to be treated badly, neglected, abandoned or even left alone like they’re worth nothing.

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I’ve been a dog owner for as long as I remember, and I had the unfortunate experience of losing one of my dogs. It was a heartbreaking moment when I realized she was gone, and it took about a month of no leads as to where she is did I realize she was officially lost. I was in denial, but I had no choice but to pray for safety and to ask God that he provides her with a new family that will love and take good care of her, more than I was able to.

In closing, we can only pray that all efforts and concerns of good Samaritans in dog rescues will eventually pay off – no dogs will be left as stray dogs, no more abuse, neglect and abandonment, and only love , happiness and health for all dogs around the world. Why? Because they deserve better. No, scratch that. They deserve only the best.

Watch the rescue video below.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.