Pit Bull Seized By Police For Being A Pit Bull Goes Home After Police Cracks Under Public Pressure

Fortunately for Hank, the social media was responding to his ordeal.

Collins and Meadows were witnessing something unprecedented in their lives. More than 300,000 people signed a petition asking for the release of the dog. The support increased by each passing day and within a fortnight from the day Hank was taken away, the Belfast City Council made an exemption. Hank was to be released and reunited with his family.
It was clear that public support was responsible for the release of Hank. Soon after the order, Hank was brought home and he reunited with Collins and Meadows with teary eyes. Hank was ordered to wear a muzzle while in public which is a small price to pay for freedom. He could still be completely free without any muzzle at home. When Hank returned after his incarceration, his Facebook page had an update that said ‘Hank’s Home’. That was all there was to say. Meadows took Hank for a walk around the neighborhood just to get him familiarized once again. Hank remembered everything. He was still in high spirits. He had become a celebrity by the time of his return as most people on the road recognized him, stopped and wished him.
You can read the full story this review is based on here.

Images credit: Leonard Collins

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