Shy Dog Flips When He Realizes That People Are There To Adopt Him And Take Him Home

When We Get A Dog It Is Supposed To Be For Keeps, For As Long As We Live We Should Take Care Of That Dog And He Will Be Happy To Wag His Tail Every Time He Sees Us And Love Us.

I don’t know about you but when I read stories like that they make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and at times I can’t help myself but shed a tear…or two. Well, now to the story…in a lot of cases even when owners don’t take care of their dogs, pooches still love them and wagging their tails every time they see their owners. We shouldn’t underestimate dog’s emotions and love for their family – owners. This cute dog’s name is Benny and he is a temporary resident at a high-kill shelter in Gardena, California. Benny will leave this place one way or another. And another is what most dogs lovers try to avoid and that is why a lot of efforts are made to have people adopt instead of buying your dog.

“…all he could do was sit and wait for someone to come along and save him, which he did week after week with no success. But then that all changed”happy-dog-adopted

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