Top 8 Tips To Help Renting Dog Owners Find A Home

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Dogs are the best companions yet which is why many has a dog of their own. When it comes to dog owners or dog owners wannabe, one of the biggest problems we face is that most properties being rented out as residences are not pet-friendly.

Not all houses, apartments and condos for rent allow their tenants to live with their animals. This is especially difficult for animal lovers such as dog owners and those who plan on getting a furry friend. It is important to note that your dog needs a livable space where he can live happily and healthily.

If you have one of the more energetic dogs or large dog breeds, it would be essential to have a yard or a park nearby where he can play and exercise. If you live in a small apartment, smaller breeds are more appropriate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can already adopt one.

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Check out our top tips that every renting pet owners should know.


Most people think that if a home or apartment listed for rent doesn’t mention anything about the restriction of owning a pet, they will already assume that they can already bring their dogs. While this is not always the case, it would be best to ask first just to be sure you wouldn’t want to waste your time and money just because you fail to clarify important matters to your landlord.

Ask for recommendations

Vets, animal control, and humane societies often have a list of properties for rent that are pet-friendly. Since they are the ones who always deal with pet owners, they can be great references in your search for your next home.

Keep your dog’s records and references at hand

There are property managers who would want to check on your dog’s record before they make the deal. This is usually just for precautionary measures that give them peace of mind. Also, since your landlord most likely allows dogs in his property, he would want to make sure other dogs already living in the area are safe.

Be honest

Some dog and pet owners think keeping their pets from landlords a secret can get them out of the tricky situation. However, this often leads to an eviction notice or a bad referral.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.