This Animal Hero Rescues Poor Hungry Dog Left To Die In An Abandoned House!

When Dusty Met Shelly
Dusty found himself being tagged in a Facebook post about an abandoned dog named Shelly. It was known that Shelly had been left abandoned in an empty house. The problem was finding someone who might be able to do something about the situation. Dusty decided to be that person. He found Shelly in the house, caught in an abandoned animal trap. After rescuing her, the two began a profound bond that continues to this day.

In the aftermath, Dusty has decided to use the experience to launch an initiative to help dogs just like Shelly. As a result, he is working to create a massive, free-roam shelter for dogs that have been left behind. We can only wish him the best, as we watch the incredibly heartwarming video that tells us the whole story

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It is wonderful to be reminded of the fact that good people are out there all the time. Animal heroes and other types of heroes are forever working in one way or another to make the world a better place. To have someone like Dusty is to be reminded that the world is better than we sometimes give it credit for being. Both of these lives have most certainly been changed forever.

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