Chihuahua Named Lupita Conchita Made A Bang With Her Quinceañera!

Megan, Miranda’s cousin who uploaded the post on twitter was surprised that her post went viral. She and her furry friend were attending the quinceañera where she took the photos and posted them on twitter. Thousands retweeted the post and were too smitten about Lupita and her lavish party.

Image Sources: Miranda Sanchez, Daily Mail

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Miranda claimed she already saw other owners throw cute parties for their dogs. And since it was also an awesome excuse to celebrate while having a good time with family and friends, she took the chance and gave her rescue a nice lavish party.

It’s amazing how one tweet and a bright idea can make someone famous overnight. But what’s even more amazing is the kind of friendship Lupita and her owner has. Not all stray Chihuahuas or whatever breed of dog there is will have a chance to find a forever home.

If only all dogs will get to find love and happiness in the arms of someone who would care for them forever, what a wonderful world it would be.


Megan Sanchez’s Twitter, Daily Mail

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