What This 13 Year Old Did To Save Poor Dog Is Amazing

How hot can a car get when it is eighty degrees outside?

The interiors can get heated up to ninety degrees and in some rare cases hotter if it is stationed at a place with windows rolled up, without shade and without the air conditioning on. It is called ‘green house’ effect. When the car is in motion, it is possible to bear the high temperatures even without the air conditioner because of the wind. But stationed or parked cars are almost uninhabitable, not for humans and not for animals.
When you leave a dog in a parked car without any shade atop and with the windows closed, you are essentially converting the interiors of your car into a furnace. The dog is going to feel the heat, it will panic and may even fall sick. Yet, many people don’t realize what they are doing, at times due to haste and at times just unconsciously.
Such an incident came to light in Prestwich, England. A thirteen year old boy Bradley North had just got out of his school with a few friends. Being a dog lover and having a dog of his own, he was concerned seeing a dog locked in a car that was parked along the street. The windows were not open. The air conditioner was not on. It was a hot day and the car had become uncomfortable for the dog.
Image source:  Prestwich People

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