Bizarre And Amazing Facts Every Dog Lover and Owner Needs To Know!

Are you a dog lover, owner or both? Do you share the same passion as mine? Do also love learning more about our four-legged fury best friend as much as you can? Do you love reading books, magazines, blogs and anything you can get your hands on that is all about canines? Do you enjoy watching videos where the star of the show are dogs? Then you are a certified dog lover!

Why am I asking such things? Because I want to share with you not one, but two videos I came across just a few days ago. It was very interesting, and I enjoyed every bit. There’s nothing better than new knowledge about our favorite animal in the world, right?

The first video is about bizarre dog facts. The title peaked my attention, so I went ahead and watched it.

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So, here are 25 Bizarre Facts Every Dog Lover and Owner Needs To Know.

  1. Dogs domesticated by man can mate and reproduce with wolves. This is evident as we have about 300,000 wolfdogs in the US. Their number may not be that high, but it is because most dog and wolf breeding occurs in the wild.
  2. Dogs can smell like Fritos, sometimes. It’s because of bacteria like Pseudomonas growing on their paws that causes that smell.
  3. Small dogs live longer than bigger sizes dogs. This is because larger dogs grow and age quicker than their smaller counterparts.
  4. All dogs have three eyelids.The third eyelid called the nictating membrane acts as a cleaner as it cleans debris and mucus off of your dog’s cornea.
  1. Dogs have a far superior sense of smell than humans. Dogs have about 300 million olfactory receptors on their noses, while humans only have 6 million.
  2. Dogs and humans evolved together. This could be the very reason why dogs are our best friend. Genes studied by researchers have shown that dogs and humans evolved in parallel when it comes to diet digestion, neurology and disease.
  3. Baboon kidnaps puppies. It’s part of their behavior to kidnap young dogs as well as their own species, but not to make them as pets.
  4. Dogs sweat through their paws. The only place where dogs have sweat glands is on their paws.
  5. Dogs can smell what you feel. Their strong sense of smell lets them know if you’re anxious or afraid.
  6. Dogs are capable of dreaming, just like humans. After about 20 minutes of sleep, their first dream is most likely to occur.
  7. A Pekinese and two Pomeranians survived the infamous Titanic. Twelve dogs boarded the famous ship that has its own dog facilities, but only three survived.
  8. Dog halitosis can be a sign of a disease. It could be because of periodontal, respiratory, gastrointestinal problems, and diabetes, to name a few.
  9. Every dog has a different nose print, much like human’s fingerprints. The lines in the dog’s nose are unique on every dog and has been used to tell dogs apart since 1938 by the Canadian Kennel Club.

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