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Bonded pair dogs are actually a real thing. Yes, that cute and fluffy canine you found at the shelter did leave a mark on you, and you have started dreaming about all the things you could do together. However, if your dog of choice actually has a bond pair, then you might need to change plans and adopt the other dog.Bonded Pairs or Pair Bonds are a real deal in Biology. This term refers to a strong connection shared between two or more animals resulting in a lifelong bond. In shelters and in the world of dog and cat adoption, a bonded pair can mean a pair of dogs or cats who, for some reason, got overly attached to one another to the point they would refuse to live separate lives. They have been so accustomed to each other’s company, that their life won’t be complete without their bond pair.

While the time bonded pair dogs vary on when they could start forming the amazing bond, many argue that it is mostly between birth up to five years. The earlier the bond sinks in, the stronger the bond will be. It also happens when two pairs of dogs or more had to endure life-changing events they are both involved in. Bonded pair dogs may or may not result to offsprings.

What happens when one or both dogs who are bonded pair dogs got adopted and had to live a separate life? This can lead to anxiety issues. One or both dogs may feel sad and depressed. There are cases when the perfect dog you took home will suddenly change in behavior – making you feel it is only acting out or adjusting to its new environment. However, some may turn to destructive behavior by chewing and destroying anything they can lay their teeth on, show excessive whining and even regular potty accidents even if they are already potty trained.

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Image Source: Arizona Humane Society

However, when the dog you so wanted to adopt and rescue is from a bonded pair dogs, it might pose a problem if the other dog is left behind, When it comes to adopting dogs that are a part of a bonded pair dogs, it is actually advisable to let them live together in a forever home as their chances of survival and achieving happiness is greater.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.