These Cute Dogs Never Expected Such A Competition From Their Cats

Puppies Meet Cats – Funny and Cute Interactions of the Four-Legged Kind

People say that dogs and cats can’t mix. Well, they are the ones who don’t know anything about our four-legged friends. Feline and canine pets can live in harmony, and as seen in the video, bring lots of funny moments especially during their first meeting. Puppies and cat might seem to be fighting, but they are only exhibiting their true nature.
Puppies and cats are naturally curious about other animals around them. And the video shows that either the puppy or the cat is trying to get the attention of the other. And in some cases, both are sizing up each other. And this results in a funny and cute moment.


The question that you might be asking can dogs and cats live in harmony? Or will they be running around the house all the time? It depends on whether they are introduced properly. It is important to teach your new puppy to respect your older pet cat. That way there will be peace at home.

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Puppies Chase Cats
Puppies are naturally compelled to chase cats, especially if they are of the terrier or herding breeds. This is because their breed has a natural predatory instinct to chase after other animals. And when they have chased around, cats will be flustered and go into self-defense mode. That’s why it is important to teach your puppies not to chase after cats.
More often than not, puppies don’t mean to hurt cats. They just can’t resist the temptation of the chase. Proper training is needed in order to acclimate your new puppy to your cat, and vice versa. There are several ways to do so. And it looks like some of the clips in the video were taken when owners are trying to introduce the dog to the cat. What were seen in the video were natural reactions from both the dogs and the cats.

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