A Dangerous Rescue Mission Commenced After Rescuers Heard 8 Puppies Needed Their Help

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The male rescuer tried to make his way into the tiny cave, which was obviously hard since it was not wide enough for him to crawl inside. Armed with a flashlight and a camera, he started digging his way in further to the cave to give himself a little bit more space to move.

Upon finding the pups who took a sharp left turn and crawled deeper into the small cave, he had to fish them out – all eight puppies one by one. It was evident that it won’t be easy.

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There were many factors that are making it hard for the rescue group to accomplish their mission.

First, the cave is too small even after digging. He barely has enough room to crawl, and the pups were visibly scared which led them to venture further into the cave.

Second, it was dark inside the cave even with his flashlight.

Third, he can’t grab them with his hands, so he has to use a snare. With very minimal room to move around, catching them would be tricky.

The cries of these pups while being rescued was heartbreaking. Since they never had the chance to be held and captured by humans, they tried to bite, growl and bark at their rescuers. It took them a while to calm down and be accustomed to human’s touch.

It was obvious they were distressed, but the rescuers knew they had to do whatever they need to do to get these babies out of the cave. By now, they have successfully rescued four out of eight pups.

Now they face another major problem – the remaining puppies found another way to trekked deeper inside the cave using a narrow tunnel, making it hard for the male rescuer to reach them. They calculated that the dogs were about 6 feet north and 12 feet to the west, so they started digging carefully.

They had to be very cautious in digging, or the whole cave would collapse and cause the pups to be trapped inside. After some time, they made a hole big enough for the man to crawl back in. However, the dogs were too deep in the cave he cannot crawl his way back out. The other rescuers had to drag him out until all eight pup are saved.

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