A Dangerous Rescue Mission Commenced After Rescuers Heard 8 Puppies Needed Their Help

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After the eight puppy, the man decided to go back into the cave just to make sure no puppy was left behind, although they were pretty sure there were only eight pups inside.

After checking, the man called out to his friends after finding the ninth and last puppy hiding in the deepest part of the cave. He checked one last time, and only stopped and came out after he was absolutely positive no more pups are there.

The two other rescuers had to pull their friend out while he held on to one puppy at a time. When they started the rescue, the sun was still high up. By the time they were finished, it was already dark.

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The rescue mission of the nine pups maybe over, but their mother still needed to be saved. However, much like the good Samaritans who tipped them about the puppies, she’s nowhere in sight and it seems she has no plans of getting caught.

The next day after the rescue, the nine pups met their surrogate mom, Olive. They quickly settled in and actively follows Olive around.

All nine puppies were named after each letter of Hope For Paws’ deceased rescuer, Lisa M Ashe. They were named Luke, Isaac, Sarah, Abraham, Mary, Angel, Solomon, heaven and Ezekiel.

Ain’t this a lovely rescue story? It’s full of action, all pups were all safely rescued, and the smiles of the rescuers who selflessly took their chance in doing anything they can to save them shows just how much relieved, happy and contented they are knowing another nine lives are now on their way to a better home.

Nothing makes me feel good and cheeky all day than seeing these kinds of stories. It’s the very reason why I love rescue stories even if I hate seeing dogs in poor conditions. If only more people would support organizations like Hope For Paws, then many more dogs and other pets would have a better chance of landing a good home.

Check out the full video below, it’s definitely worth it!

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