This Dog Is Told By The Doctors To Leave His Owner’s Hospital Room His Reaction Is Unbelievable

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A Lifetime of Togetherness through Sickness and Health: The Story of Ben and Denali!

A Dog is man’s best friend. A Dog is the most faithful friend anyone can have. This reality has been proven time and again. History has a tendency of repeating itself and reiterating itself. That is exactly what happened for Ben and Denali.
Every dog owner and lover knows how the canines get excited when they see their owner. You could be getting back from work after ten hours. You may come back from a tour after eight weeks. You may be in and out of your home a dozen times a day. Regardless of how often your pet sees you, your dog is likely to jump and cuddle, leap towards you and pamper you with all the love it can shower every time you have missed a bit of time with him or her.
While there is no dearth of stories of friendship between dog and man or woman or child, there are some rare instances when we are truly overwhelmed. One such heartwarming and heartbreaking story is that of Ben and Denali.
Photographer and surfer Ben Moon had a dog who he named Denali. It was love at first site. Ben moved to Portland in Oregon after his girlfriend broke up with him. He took Denali along on his nomadic journey across the high deserts of Bend in Oregon.
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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.