Mama Pup Meets Her Puppies In An Unbelievable And Touching Reunion

I Can’t Believe How Awesome This Reunion Between Mom And Pups Is!

Animal rescues perform some of the most amazing tasks. Don’t you agree? I have four dogs, and one of them came to me from a local rescue shelter. It was a nice opportunity to just see how remarkable these organizations really are. Over seven million animals are abandoned every year. Just for that reason alone, it’s important to recognize just how powerful and essential these shelters really are.

Until recently, I had never heard of the Canadian rescue group known as K9 Crusaders. But after reading their extraordinary account of reuniting an abandoned dog with her puppies, you can definitely count me in as a fan. You’re not going to believe how incredible this story is!

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Reuniting A Mom With Her Puppies
After rescuing Noelle, K9 Crusaders realized something incredible. Beyond the fact that this wonderful animal had been reduced to bones and skin, she had clearly been nursing puppies. Unfortunately, the puppies were not found with Noelle. Her heartbreak was apparent. K9 Crusaders saw no other choice, but to launch an initiative that was designed to reunite the mom with her puppies.

“Operation Christmas Wish” went into effect! Working alongside other local animal rescuers, K9 Crusaders set about the daunting task of finding the puppies. It wasn’t going to be easy. They had very little information to go on.

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