Viral YouTube Videos of Babies Laughing at Dogs

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There is Nothing More Heart Melting Than Hearing the Innocent Laughter of a Baby; It is Authentic and Infectious.

They may have a weird sense of humor, but once they laugh, you can’t help but also laugh with them. These babies that are laughing uncontrollably with their pet dogs are the reason why YouTube is invented; it’s entertaining, fun and cute. Here are some of the best videos on YouTube that have gone viral that features a baby laughing at the antics of their house pet.


Top YouTube Videos of Babies Laughing at Dogs
Dog Bursting Bubbles

The video started with the baby on the floor while the one holding the recorder created bubbles using a bubble gun when suddenly their pet dog jumps out of nowhere and started chasing the bubbles one by one. As the dog burst the bubbles, the baby let out a hysterical laugh that is just too adorable. Babies and dogs are two cute beings, and when they are put together in one video, they made a combination that is just so hard to resist. The video of this baby and the pet dog has gone viral, and some people even download the baby’s laughter as their ringtone.

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Lucy Imitating the Dog and Laughing
The video features a baby in a face-to-face meeting with their dog. It is so surprising that the small kid was never afraid of their dog and also how the dog reacted to the baby. The dog appears too sweet towards the baby but still hesitant as though he was afraid to hurt the fragile baby. The uncontainable laughter of the baby has reached some of the mp3 download zone allowing you to use it as your ringtone. The video is just very precious; unfortunately, the dog in the video has already passed away.

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