This Old Pup Is Heartbroken When Her Family Chooses Younger Dog And Leaves Her Behind

It is human to err. It is also human to always look for what’s better.

From career choices to personal habits, we tend to opt for easier avenues, quick fixes and what will help us derive more joy. It is somewhat similar to animals but they look for greener pastures for their survival, not any other kind of satiation. There have been innumerable cases of families, who are otherwise very fond of dogs and other pets, giving up on the animals when they grow old. It is a widespread practice and while it cannot be condemned outright, yet it does beg a thought.
A senior cocker spaniel named Cookie was brought to the San Bernardino City Shelter by her family along with a year old retriever. The two dogs were listed as strays in the books. They were rounded off and dropped at the shelter. Cookie was estimated to be around nine years old. The notices were sent out and the message was spread online as well as offline. The family with whom the two dogs lived got to know about the development, came to the shelter and took the retriever back with them. They did not take Cookie back. The family cited the age of Cookie as the primary reason. The medical costs of keeping Cookie healthy and taken care of were becoming unbearable for the family.
Images Source: Lois Chisholm

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