These Two Huskies Arguing Like Human Siblings Will Make You Want To Share This Video With Your Friends!

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Dogs are the closest friend of man in the animal kingdom. Millions of dog lovers truly believe that their favorite canine indeed has many feelings that separate humans from other animals.

Animal behavior has been studied time and again. Most species have shown parental skills including emotions. Most animals take care of their offspring, including birds. All mammals are protective of their newborns. There have been amazing tales of heroism and selfless sacrifices among dogs, elephants and even tigers where they risked their lives to protect their kids.

Dogs have been living with humans for centuries and it is only natural they would develop some traits that we so dearly treasure. Just as we love our near and dear ones, feel sad and happy for them, fight with them and also pamper them, dogs too have such emotions. But dogs cannot talk and express the way humans do. They perhaps do it better. And in one video online, two huskies are seen what you can easily call arguing.

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Mishka and Laika are siblings. They are of the breed Siberian husky. The breed is known to be a talkative one. There are many dogs that are social but rather quiet. Huskies are not quiet…

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.