Watch The Epic Video When Two Rescuers Attempt To Rescue Kittens Trapped In Between Walls Laced With Barbed Wire!

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It’s amazing how a simple act of kindness can make a big difference in someone else’s life. The one who called the rescue group for help was able to make a big difference and help big time just by calling out for help. He or she may not have been the one who physically rescued them, but it leads to the rescue eventually.

The rescue group did a great job rescuing the kittens, even risking themselves from being hurt, as no rescue can be considered safe. Loreta and Eldad once again proved how dedicated they were when they did not even fuss about climbing walls, rescuing cats surrounded by trash and not even complaining after getting scratched here and there.

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The organizations who willingly take in dogs and care for them while these poor animals are on the wait list for a good home to go home to.

The vets who do their job with passion in making sure every cat, dog and any other animal they came cross paths with and were taken to their clinics or hospitals are all safe and treats them till they are on their road to recovery.

The people who showed support by sending donations to rescue organizations are able to help dogs and other animals. Since most rescue groups are non-profit orgs, they rely on other people’s donations in doing what they’re best at – rescuing animals and making sure they all get a proper home.

Those foster families who opened their homes for rescue dogs and are now living happily and contented with their new found companions made a big impact as one less lonely dog now has some he can call home.

Those who comments and shares on post, photos and videos about stories of animal rescue are able to spread the good word that even if there are men and women who fail to do their part in keeping animals healthy safe, still, there are more who are willing to step up and help.

Watch the exciting video below!

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