Watch The Epic Video When Two Rescuers Attempt To Rescue Kittens Trapped In Between Walls Laced With Barbed Wire!

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After gearing up in white overalls and a mask to protect herself, Loreta then proceeded to climb down to where the cats are. She placed a plastic fence to help block the cats from running away. Eldad did the same on the other side and started with the rescue.

The black and white kitten tried to run away after their female rescuer lifted up a cardboard box they were hiding at, but thanks to Eldad’s quick reflex, he was able to block the kitty and capture it.

That was the first cat they were able to safely place in the bag. The two black cats were the last ones to be rescued. One by one, the cats were successfully loaded in the carrier bag. In just the span of two short minutes, all cats are safely tucked inside the bag.

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Loreta climbed out first, and Eldad handed him the bag full of kitties out to her after. Eldad came out with a few scratches because of the bard wires, but is all in all safe. All cats are healthy and are now in a safer place.

Hope For Paws claims they were still very young to be spayed and neutered and will need more time before they can be adopted. They left the cats in good hands – at C.A.T.S. Inc and says will be up for adoption once they are ready.

Before the kittens were rescued, their mom was captured by a good Samaritan. She was spayed, neutered and vaccinated but had to be released since she was feral.

The amazing duo of Eldad and Loreta are my new favourite persons. They are beautiful inside out and are very much dedicated when it comes rescuing poor animals –dogs and cats in poor, unhealthy, unsafe and unsanitary conditions that not everyone has the guts or heart to do so.

Imagine having to climb and down in between a wall with barb wires, where trash and who knows what is everywhere, with very minimal space to navigate to and no guarantee that they will come home unscathed.

I, personally, no matter how much I love cats and dogs, might not be of good use if I were there. Being claustrophobic (a person who fears in being in small, enclosed space) and an acrophobic (person with the fear of heights) I would have not even made it up the ladder to look down where the cats were.

For that, I salute both Laureta and Eldad. This is why what I do to help is by being a good owner and calling for help when I see animals especially cats and dogs who need help.

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