(AWESOME) Tiger Cub and Dog Pup Play and Swim Together

This two absolutely different animals found in each other a great playmates.

It was very difficult to find for this high energy dog a good and compatible playmate. Until one day he was introduced to a cute tiger cub… They hit it off pretty fast and almost right away found out that they are very compatible and can play, roll, swim and do all kinds of activities together.

Tigers grow to be huge cats 500-600 lbs and that window for the little tiger cub and the dog to play together is very limited. After that the tiger cub will be too big for the dog to play with and if they do play the cub can actually inadvertently hurt the poor pup.

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But for now while they are roughly the same size they can have a blast and do all kind of fun things together.  Meet the tiger cub – Thunder and dog puppy – Tyber they both live at Dade City’s Wild Things facility.

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