I Can’t Believe This Woman And Her Dog Gave Birth On The Same Day!

I am the very proud owner of two border collies. I am also the mother of three amazing children.

I love all of the different kinds of bonds I share with my pets and kids alike. However, I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of bond I could create with one of my dogs, if they happened to have given birth, on the same day I gave birth to one of my children.

The odds of something like that happening are pretty amazing. However, that exact thing recently happened to a woman named Kami Klingbeil. She had an experience lately with her dog Delilah that I don’t think you are going to be able to believe!

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A Woman And Her Dog…
The story of Kami and her dog Delilah is pretty incredible stuff. Apparently, Kami was pregnant at the same time as Delilah. Although Kami was naturally focused on the impending birth of her own child, she was unquestionably thrilled with her pet. In hardly any time at all, the house was going to become extremely busy with puppies and babies!
Woman And Her Dog Gave Birth On The Same Day

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